IMSS InteriorsTM is comprised of three 30 year old entities, melded together with common experience and a common purpose; each firm having reached the highest standard of excellence in their own niches and each one having achieved that leadership position through product innovation, outstanding quality and product durability. Combining the skills, personnel, mindsets and common objectives of these three entities over this much time brings together a unique manufacturing consortium with skills, sub-vendor relationships and know-how to meet the demanding requirements of the most challenging specifications.

IMSS InteriorsTM is a dba of IJOT DEVELOPMENT INC., founded in 1976, as a product development and marketing company, to create, innovate, manufacture and market the founders own product ideas. Over the subsequent 18 years these products and their respective brands included - ATA Industries - a unique design of tennis post and track product – sold to Chevron USA; ATA Spa covers and accessories products – sold to WI Industries; Basta Sole Market Umbrellas – sold to Tropitone Furniture; the Sentry Chain Gate, Wood Winds windsurfing board and ATA Firepits. A partial listing of the past customers on the consumer products side under the different above brands include American Standard, Kohler, Jacuzzi, Brown & Jordan, Smith & Hawken, Martha Stewart, Front Gate, Tropitone, to name just a few. Of these product groups, three became the leading brand name respectively in each of their own industries, the success of which was due as much to their philosophy as it was their product innovation and quality - that "100% customer satisfaction is the key to sustainable growth, success and industry leadership. The Customer is the focus."

In 1992 Christopher (Kit) Scales completed the enterprise with his 30 year experience in building hotels globally along with his strong focus on FF&E. Kit's knowledge in the hotel industry, particularly FF&E Q.C. requirements along with his penchant for overseeing manufacturing, for process development and for structural integrity of furniture completed our offering. Kit knows the case goods industry as well as anyone and as a "30-year-Marine" demands perfection in every product as they progress through the factory.

Within a matter of years IMSS InteriorsTM was manufacturing products for a number of other American Companies as well, all needing our China relationships, knowledge base, sourcing staff abilities, and our overall management of their expanding product lines. In time IMSS InteriorsTM targeted the hotel furniture industry and aligned ourselves with three factories all of which were focused on the Asian markets. We distilled the three down to one outstanding, quality minded, progressive manufacture and evolved it into a long lasting relationship wherein the factory has now expanded our mutual business into 1.5M square feet state of the art facility providing furniture throughout the USA, China, Asia, and the Middle East with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Riyadh Saudi Arabia; Cape Town, S. Africa; and Queensland, Australia.