This is a partial list of images. IMSS Interiors will manufacture any kind of wood species specified by the Interior Designer. Value Engineering options available too.

6100 Matte Pewter

6101 Matte Grey Bronze

6102 Matte Gunmetal Grey

6200 Oiled Bronze

6201 Satin White Bronze

6202 Satin Brushed Nickel

6251 Polished Natural Aluminum

6252 Matte Natural Aluminum

6255 Polished Gold Aluminum.jpg

6256 Brite Brushed Natural Aluminum

6257 Satin Brushed Natural Aluminum

6258 Satin Brushed Gold Aluminum

6261 Satin Brushed Lite Bronze Aluminum

6262 Satin Brushed Medium Bronze Aluminum

6277 Alumasteel

6281 Satin Brushed Smoke Aluminum

6284 Satin Brushed Copper Aluminum

6296 Satin Brushed Black Aluminum

6501 Crystal Steel